The transmission of the SKY Teaching contemplates a monthly contribution on behalf of the student. This contribution covers operations expenses, as well as the cost of the school’s activities and the expansion of these teachings to all those souls who resonate with the Light of Shakti Ma andMahavatarBabaji.

Needless to say, this contribution operates in harmony with the subtle laws that govern every pure spiritual teaching. It responds to the logistic needs already exposed, as well as the profound ways in which the energy flows to the aspirant, the appreciation of the teaching’s value and the conscious offering of the human being towards a higher purpose.

This notion, beautifully originated in the East, is not a spiritual formula well understood in the West. Nevertheless, a thorough understanding of a fair energetic-spiritual exchange is gradually occurring in the realization of the Divine Plan.

It is important to highlight that if a person has a resolute and honest intention of becoming established in the Light of this Teaching, the inability to contribute will never be a reason to inhibit the advancement through the School’s Teaching. By communicating one’s case confidentially to those in charge and the coordinators, special considerations can be put in place, and a ideal form of exchange may be determined.

The following contributions are suggested for the SKY Teaching:

Venezuela: One hundred and twenty thousand bolívares (120,000 Bs.) per month.

Colombia: Thirty thousand pesos (30,000 $) per month.

Europe: Fifteen euros (15)

United States: Twenty dollars (20 US$) per month.

Rest of the world: Twenty dollars (20 US$) per month.

Note: The initial courses of the SKY Teaching and the Level Changes contemplate an additional cost according to its modality of study.